What Americans Now Think About Obamacare

Digging into the results from a new Washington Post-ABC News poll about Americans’ reactions to the Obamacare rollout, Scott Clement outlines his top six findings:

  1. Obamacare opposition is rising. It’s now at a record high of 57 percent.
  2. Americans hate the individual insurance mandate. Almost two-thirds oppose this requirement with 53% ‘strongly’ opposing.
  3. Even more say the mandate should be delayed due to Web site problems. 71% say the government should delay health insurance requirements.
  4. But people like the employer insurance mandate. The employer mandate garners 85% from Democrats; 56% from Independents; 29% from Republicans
  5. Obama’s a bad manager, but not a liar. In general, most (56%) say Obama is not a good manager, don’t detect intentional deception (52%).
  6. Can the law be salvaged? Americans are split down the middle at 49% on whether the government can recover from early problems or whether it’s doomed to fail.
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  • I know first hand how the Obamacare website can sour folks on it, but people are so reactionary to whatever the media is currently running with.

    The question that should be posed to these people is if they prefer that we go back to a time when you could be denied coverage due to preexisting conditions, be dropped by your insurance company because they didn’t want to cover you, have lifetime cap limits on how much an insurance company will pay for your care, not have your kids covered until age 26, women paying more for their coverage simply because they’re women, paying for certain exams that are now free, the insurance company not having to spend at least 80% of their premium intake on healthcare, etc.

    I think Americans are already taking for granted the GOOD things that came about because of Obamacare and are made to believe that only the ‘bad stuff’ they hear about is what ‘Obamacare’ actually is.

    People should be demanding that the Republican-lead Congress vote with Democrats to fix the existing loopholes to make it better than just standing around doing a happy dance because they exist. They should also be outraged that Republican governors have done their part to make sure that MILLIONS of people who should be getting coverage under Medicaid will not simply because of politics and wanting the law to fail.

    While Obamacare isn’t perfect, it way better than what we had before Obamacare. Republicans are lucky that people aren’t holding them accountable for not doing anything to actually improve the law, wasting time and tax payer money on voting 40+ times to repeal it or for never actually offered a serious alternative to Obamacare if they ever succeeded.

  • Douglass Parker

    You cannot be FOR people being able to get insurance without regard to preexisting conditions and AGAINST the individual mandate. Otherwise people could just wait until they are sick to buy insurance. If you think you should be “free” to not have insurance, the rest of us have to be “free” to let you die if you have no insurance and cannot pay for your care. A better idea would be to just have everyone automatically enrolled in a single payer plan. This won’t come at the Federal level at first, states will have to show the way.

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