How the 'Nuclear Option' Impacts Obamacare

The Senate’s decision to invoke the ‘nuclear option’ has a number of healthcare related implications.

According to National Journal, “the Senate’s rules change will likely make it much easier for President Obama to fill the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB—a 15-member panel tasked with slowing the growth in Medicare spending.”

“GOP critics oppose the IPAB largely because it puts the power to set Medicare payments in the hands of unelected experts. Supporters say that’s exactly the point: Congress lacks the political will to actually make meaningful cuts …  Obama will likely be able to fill the board and move ahead with one of the most significant cost-control measures in his signature health care law—if he wants to.”

According to Ezra Klein, “one important effect of Thursday’s change in the Senate rules: … It makes it easier for the government to hire good people, and makes it easier for them to fire bad people.”

“That’s not to say any of them will be fired. But the constant use of the filibuster against political appointments made it extraordinarily difficult for the White House to fire anyone because they didn’t know whether they’d be able to appoint a replacement — or, if they could appoint a replacement, who Republicans would actually accept.”

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