Americans Satisfied with Their Personal Healthcare Coverage

A Gallup “review of recent research on healthcare cost, coverage, and quality reveals that Americans continue to be much more positive about their own personal healthcare situations than about the healthcare situation nationally ….These findings may help explain why the healthcare law has never been highly popular, even before the recent troubles in implementing it; many Americans simply feel that their healthcare situation is fine as it is.”

Gallup summarizes the “five key elements of American public opinion about healthcare”:

1. Americans’ views of their own healthcare coverage are quite positive, and much higher than the ratings they give healthcare coverage in the country more generally.

2. A majority of Americans remain satisfied with the cost of their healthcare — again much higher than their satisfaction with the cost of healthcare more generally across the nation.

3. Americans are quite positive about the quality of healthcare they personally receive. Their ratings of healthcare quality nationally are less positive, but still in majority territory.

4. Most Americans do not believe that the U.S. healthcare system is in crisis, but they do think it has major problems.

5. Americans now view healthcare as the second-most-important problem facing the country.

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