Immigration Reform Advocates Gear up for a Fight

With support for immigration reform dwindling in the House of Representatives, reform advocates are gearing up for a fight.

According to Molly Ball, “many activists have already begun to take a more aggressive tack, arguing that lobbying is over—it’s time for revenge.”

Frank Sharry, an immigration-reform advocate who heads America’s Voice, concurs: “We can’t force them to get to yes, but we can make them pay a price for getting to no … If this Congress isn’t going to pass immigration reform, let’s elect a Congress that will.”

An eclectic, bipartisan group of immigration reform activists has been frustrated by Republicans’ apparent shift from passing an immigration law to “winning [the] crusade against the many-splendored disaster that is the health-care law’s implementation.”

This frustration has only fueled the activists to take action: “Sharry estimates there are five to 10 Republicans in the House who could be defeated if the Latino vote goes strongly enough against them—not enough to hand the House to Democrats, who are currently 17 seats from the majority, but enough to send a message.”

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