Sequestration Will Be Worse in 2014

Government Executive highlights a new report by the Center for American Progress finding that “the tactics federal agencies used to reduce furloughs in fiscal 2013 are, in many cases, no longer available” for 2014.

From the Introduction: “There are four factors making next year’s sequester even more damaging than this year’s. First, and most simply, the sequester makes larger cuts in 2014 than it did in 2013. Second, many of the cuts that were legally made this year have not actually been implemented yet. Third, one-time fixes that mitigated sequestration’s worst impacts in 2013 cannot be used again next year. Fourth, sequestration made cuts to little-noticed but critical functions of government—cuts that will be particularly devastating if they are not reversed soon.”

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  • Layla

    Another GREAT IDEA from this administration.

  • No5thDown

    Washington is still acting like these are actual cuts. It is still nothing more than a cut in the percentage of growth from 1 year to the next. Spending will increase by 3.5% instead of 5 %. Only in Washington is this a cut. I wish I could get a 3.5% wage increase every year.

  • mwafarmergal

    Obviously the ones who previously commented have no real knowledge of how sequestration actually works. It is not a verbaige game, but a real reduction in the workforce that actually provides services to the public. It SHOULD result in more cuts at the national and state levels, but that is not the case. Real money savings could be realized if cuts were made at all levels, but there is just too much politics involved to make common sense decisions. And someone needs to understand that CONGRESS is the one who makes the rules. They passed the sequestration policy in the first place, and now they blame everyone else for the fallout from their laws. Nonsense, just plain nonsense.

    • Layla

      What a short memory you have! Sequestration is Obama’s child. And of course it is political.

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