'Nuclear Option' Won't Obliterate GOP Obstruction

Now that the ‘nuclear option’ has been invoked, don’t count on smooth sailing for the 231 presidential nominees waiting to be confirmed by the Senate.

Molly Ball explains: “That’s because the filibuster … wasn’t the only bottleneck in the long and convoluted process of getting presidential appointments through the Senate. So while [Harry] Reid chastised Republicans for ‘deny[ing] the president his team,’ President Obama’s bench isn’t likely to be suddenly flooded with new players.”

“Two other big bottlenecks—the administration’s difficulty putting up nominees for red-state judgeships and getting them through committee—remain. And even when those are surmounted, the process will still be lengthy and cumbersome. Nominations may well be the key to Obama’s second-term agenda, but they’re not about to suddenly sail through the Senate.”

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