Some Obamcare Bright Spots

All is not lost for Obamacare, according to David Nather.  Nather contends that “the Obamacare roll-out that we’ve all seen is not the story of a fatally flawed law. It’s a story of incompetence.”

“There are states that are running their own websites and enrolling a lot of people … Medicaid enrollment, another part of the law, is going significantly better than the signups for private insurance — nearly 400,000 people were determined to be eligible in October.”

“And nationally, 1.5 million people applied for health coverage in October — suggesting that there’s a lot more potential interest than the 106,000 who got all the way through the federal and state Obamacare websites to select a private health plan.”

Nather acknowledges there are major obstacles to success, including poor mismanagement,  “unpopular tradeoffs”, and certain aspects of the law that are “fatally flawed”. But he also highlights what has worked in states that have had higher enrollment:

  • Less bells and whistles
  • Using existing technologies
  • Using outside contractors
  • A supportive political environment
  • Picking the right vendors
  • Aggressive outreach

The bottom line: “It’s not impossible for the law to work … because if it really were impossible, it wouldn’t be working anywhere.”

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  • Layla

    I strongly suggest that Congress sign up with Medicaid before stating this is good news. The fact that millions are being dropped from insurance they were perfectly happy with is going to be what takes down the Democrat party next Nov.

    • easton

      uh….sure. On what planet are people “perfectly happy” with insurance, much less that bought on the individual marketplace where in 25% of the time the insurer would have dropped you if you had a serious, disabling condition? Amazing how healthcare was working perfectly until Obama came and ruined it all, the doubling of premiums under Bush, the decrease of employer insurance from 68 to 61%, the fact that medical bankruptcies were the highest, by far, of all bankruptcies, and the woeful inefficience of the uninsured using hospital er rooms is somehow forgotten. And lets not forget that of those getting cancelled policies by a ratio of 7 to 1 they will be eligible for tax credits and possibly subsidies that will make their new plan markedly better. So go ahead, try to win an election on the complains of the 1.5% of the electorate who have to pay more for insurance and pretend the nearly 20% who will get cheaper insurance or free insurance won’t matter.
      Keep chanting la la layla la la layla odumbo care am failing…
      Are you going to the Cuccinelli inauguration? Remember how he won because of Obamacare? Oh, right. Despite the news being as bad as it is ever going to be he still lost.

      • Layla

        Those of us dealing with cancer treatments, Easton. I will receive just another month’s worth and then be dropped from the only insurance I can afford. Happy holidays to you, you won.

        • easton

          and to those who were dropped because of rescission? They don’t count? And have you gone on the exchanges and enrolled? I simply don’t believe you have done so. In fact you are the one who won, you now no longer have to worry about paying higher premiums because you had a pre-existing condtion.
          You can get insurance guaranteed and it, by law, has to be affordable. Yes, it might be a little inconvenient but spare me your lies that what you have is all you can have. Would you condemn millions of others to death because you don’t want to be inconvenienced by shopping on the exchange?
          I guarantee you you can continue to get treatments and you know you can, so don’t pull any victim card here which you know I have no possible way to verify and which, even if true, means nothing to the discussion. For the record I have children who suffer from a genetically inherited condition who could have never got insurance as adults, now they can. You would condemn them to death just so you can keep one policy in place of another?

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