Stop Worrying About Low Obamacare Enrollee Numbers

Ezra Klein tells us not to worry that Obamacare enrollees might not reach a “bottom-line goal” of 7 million by the end of March.

Arguing that this CBO “estimate” should be “thrown out entirely”, Klein contends that a true definition of Obamacare success is “a function of the mix of people in the exchanges — the “ratio” — rather than the number of people in the exchanges.”

“The reason the ratio matters so much was that it is crucial to keeping premiums low. The White House always thought it possible that demand in the first year would be underwhelming, and until people actually saw the system was working, many would hang back from the system. But so long as the ratio was right, the premiums will remain low, and so when people eventually come to buy insurance, they can get a good deal, and they’ll want to sign up.”

“Or, to put it differently, success in Obamacare’s first year was all about setting up success in Obamacare’s second year.”

“No one will ever look back on Obamacare’s launch and call it a success. The question is whether they’ll look back and say that Obamacare subsequently became a success.”

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  • deydey

    “Or, to put it differently, success in Obamacare’s first year was all about setting up success in Obamacare’s second year”

    Must be verbatim from the clandestine meeting EZ Kleen and other BHObot media left wingers had w. the WH last week…so transparent…lol…

    wonder wat will EZ say when there aint any success in the second or thirrd or fourth or subsequent years…a highly plausible scenario now…

    • Lorehead

      Your “when” turns out to be just “a highly plausible scenario.” That’s rather disingenuous. I think that Ezra Klein will be honest if that does happen, and say that market-based health care is a proven failure and we need to move to single-payer.

      If it succeeds, however, and history proves that programs like it have before, you’re probably going to flip-flop and try to take credit for it. After all, you were for Romneycare before you were against Obamacare.

    • easton

      EZ Kleen? Is this the middle school version of healthcare opinions? I notice also that you, in fact, made no actual rebuttal at all. Here is a simple fact, if the ratio mirrors that of employer insurance then in the aggregate of course it will be a huge success. Selling insurance to people who don’t have it is the goal of every insurance company. I don’t quite get the Republican plan, go to the ER for your healthcare and forget insurance companies is somehow the pro market place plan. But what can I expect when the opponents talk like 12 year olds?

    • EricFromTheHill

      You really know exactly zero about the law, don’t you? The vitriolic anti-Obamacare masses will do and say anything, regardless of how stupid it sounds, to make the law look like a failure and keep their fellow Americans from access to affordable health care.

      People will remember who worked for real freedom and who stood in the way. You’re on the wrong side of that line.

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