Why Millennials Will Come Around on Obamacare

Ryan Cooper tells us not to worry about enrollment by millennials and gives 6 reasons why:

  1. Young people are not actually invincible. [They] can be turned in an instant to people with pre-existing conditions — which is to say, people who will benefit from the protection of Obamacare.
  2. Going without insurance is morally wrong. Getting insurance will be part of living in a decent society where everyone chips in when they can afford it, and free-riding is frowned upon — and over time, young people will come to see this as part of being a responsible citizen.
  3. It’s the law.
  4. People haven’t grasped how the subsidies work yet. Once the range of financial help trickles through the national consciousness young people will be surprised at the prices on offer.
  5. Pressure from mom and dad.
  6. Being uninsured sucks!

Most importantly: “the White House has a long time to bring about this change.”

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