East Coast States Appeal to EPA on Cross-State Pollution

“Eight East Coast states will petition EPA today to place stricter air pollution regulations on nine states, mostly in the Midwest and Appalachia,” according to Politico.

“The move is the latest salvo in a long-running dispute between ‘downwind’ states whose air pollution levels remain high in large part because of emissions carried by air currents from more coal-dependent states.”

“The announcement comes just one day before the Supreme Court takes up EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule …  A split appeals court panel in 2012 struck down the rule, saying that the agency had overstepped the authority granted by Congress under the Clean Air Act.”

Washington Post Editorial Board: “This policy is reasonable. The federal government should be refereeing national air pollution problems, particularly those that states can’t be expected to solve on their own.”

But the CAA’s wording is “imprecise… The most rational thing would be for Congress to update the law — not to gut its programs but instead to prescribe neater solutions to the country’s serious pollution problems.”

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