FEC Understaffing Threatens Fair Elections

A recent study of the Federal Election Commission reveals a host of problems that could undermine the integrity of the country’s  election process.

Chris Cillizza’s summary of the Center for Public Integrity’s study: The FEC, which is “tasked with monitoring and regulating all of that activity is close to crippled due to staff cuts and partisan bickering.”

“Average people … have either never heard of the FEC, don’t really know what it does or both. But, remember this is the rule-making and rule-enforcing entity for all federal money in politics.”

The study’s bottom line: “As the nation heads into what will undoubtedly be the most expensive midterm election in history and a 2016 presidential election that, in no small way, has already begun, the FEC is rotting from the inside out.”

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  • Gregory Williams

    The FCC has suffered from the fact that democrats sent in public minded servants with a valid level of expertise and conservatives sent in system wrecking partisan extremists dedicated to the same obstructionist agenda of all the conservatives in elective and appointed service and they are backed up by politically activist conservative judges who are ruling more and more based upon their partisan political ideology than they are abiding by enacted laws and ruling impartially and judicially.

    The FCC can be salvaged but the Democrats would have to hold the Congress and the White House for that to happen – and the IRS & DOJ would have to do their jobs in this process without being sensitive to political considerations and operate in compliance with enacted laws … after all it is a fact that the law is the law … and in this nation the rule of lawful and constitutional law is supposed to be our substitute for kings and tyrants.

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