A Narrow Senate Majority Moves Jobless Benefits Bill Forward

In a surprise move, six Senate Republicans on Tuesday morning joined with Democrats to move forward on a bill to extend unemployment benefits for three months.

Politico: “By 60-37, Senate Democrats secured the votes needed to advance the bill to a decision on final passage expected to occur later this week — though the measure will likely stall in the Republican-controlled House unless there’s a deal to pay for the $6.5 billion cost.”

The New York Times: “The Democrats privately conceded that the push would probably drop from view as senators turn to other measures like flood insurance, a farm bill and a $1 trillion spending bill that must be passed by Jan. 15 if much of the government is to be kept operating.”

National Journal: “This legislation also serves as a starting point for President Obama’s reported focus of his upcoming State of the Union address: income inequality.”

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