Could Kerry Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Secretary of State John Kerry’s push for a new global climate agreement has fueled speculation about the fate of the contentious Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project.

According to EcoWatch, “as a fossil fuel export-enabling project, Keystone XL is a big, fat, square peg aimed at the round holes of Secretary Kerry’s global climate policymaking efforts.”

Kerry’s success with brokering an effective climate agreement depends on establishing “U.S. credibility on the subject of greenhouse gas management.”

“Now take a look at that Keystone XL pipeline, and you can see how approval of the project would pull the rug out from under everything that Secretary Kerry has been working for. It puts the U.S. in the position of aiding and abetting the introduction of more fossil fuel into the global market, while putting domestic safety and security at risk.”

“Kerry has stated that he will not involve himself directly in the Keystone review process, which was well under way when he became Secretary of State. However, Keystone XL raises the kind of red flags that he has been pursuing over a decades-long record of climate action.”

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