Proposed Power Plant Emissions Rule Fuels Debate

The Environmental Protection Agency published on Wednesday its new performance standards for greenhouse gas emissions from new electric generating plants using coal, petroleum coke or natural gas.

As a touchstone of the Obama administration’s mandate to reduce emissions by 17% below 2005 levels by 2019, the proposed rule has already received strong opposition from the energy industry and Republicans.

The Washington Examiner: “Carbon capture and sequestration is a process that traps carbon emissions and stores them underground. The proposed EPA rule would effectively block building new coal-fired power plants without it, though few utilities have plans to build such plants as they have increasingly switched to cheap natural gas.”

“In typical EPA fashion, they’re putting the cart before the horse to advance their environmental policy agenda. They’re moving forward with a controversial rule to regulate carbon based on technology that isn’t commercially available. Not only is this wrongheaded, it’s beyond the scope of their legal authority,” commented Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

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