Let the States Handle Health Care System

According to the National Journal, a new report indicates that states are better equipped to reform the health care system and contain costs than the federal government.

“The report—funded by Kaiser Permanente and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—outlines measures states can take to improve care and reduce cost. According to the contributors, states have unique tools to take the lead in addressing the issues with the U.S. health care system in ways the federal government cannot.”

“The unique ability of governors to gather stakeholders to find collaborative solutions is the first in the committee’s seven recommendations to states, and generally acknowledged as the critical first step to achieving the others.”

“Although the ACA is seen as a national health care overhaul, the way the law has rolled out has placed great deal of responsibility on states, blurring the line between the federal and state role in managing care.”

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  • embo66

    So . . . Let me see if I have this straight: The National Journal is suggesting that the healthcare reform would be better left to the states — but then goes on to complain that the ACA “places a lot of responsibility” on the states. Anyone else see the disconnect?

    And if they are moaning that they don’t have enough freedom to work within the ACA laws, seems to me that most of them have only themselves to blame. After all, the original legislation was totally built around individual states creating their own exchanges because it was recognized that states uniquely possessed knowledge of their own healthcare markets and could “gather stakeholders to find collaborative solutions” for their citizens.

    The current ACA is much more “federal” only because so many GOP-led states refused to cooperate at all.

  • The only reason that the states might be better at guaranteeing health care is because the GOP in Congress are noting but obstructionist on the issue.

    The problem is that the states that need health care the most are the ones that can least afford it. If your state economy is strong, a high proportion of your people probably already have health insurance. If your state economy is weak, you are more likely to have unemployed and uninsured citizens, and less in the way of tax revenues to help them.

    • Sharon Tomalavage

      Let me see, when this law was being debated, no republican signed on!! Why? because every idea they had was pitched out by Botox Nancy and Marxist Obama, who actually said to McCain at the healthcare meetings, “well I won and you lost” so it’s my way John”. Gee, sounds grown up to me. Tort Reform lost, allowing citizens to go anywhere they want to purchase insurance lost, to use a carrot instead of the gestapo like mandate, to get the young and healthy to sign up, lost!!! I could go on and on, but let’s be fair here, the liberals wanted CONTROL-that is what this healthcare law is all about-CONTROL and this is why it is failing. Folks, (especially the young and healthy) will not go along with being forced to pay for others, they won’t be forced to buy coverage they neither need or want. and before you tell me (ad nauseum) about folks who are covered being forced to pay for those who show up at emergency rooms-guess what? That is still happening-in fact it has doubled. However, if you close your eyes to these truths, try this-the only change under this law is that the young and healthy are the ones being tapped to pay (and quite a bit as their premiums will be double and triple those who are more sick). That makes sense ONLY to Marxists like Obama.

      • You know, I would respond to that except for two things. One, there’s not a single fact in your entire comment, which leads me to believe that facts don’t matter to you so there’s no point in bringing them up. Two – what Mark Twain said: Never argue with a fool, people might not be able to tell the difference.

        • Sharon Tomalavage

          Yes, the truth hurts Chredon. But the funny thing about truth is that you can’t change it. You can accuse it, abuse it, shred it, and ignore it but you Can’t change it!! That healthcare meeting was taped and the country heard what Obama said. I suppose you would deny that he also said many, many, many, many, many times that ” if you like your doctor, you can keep him, Period!! If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, Period!! But clowns and idiots like you will Never accept truth or God, only Marxism and Communism.

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