Obama’s NSA Reforms: A Piece of ‘Kabuki Theater’

James Oliphant is not optimistic that President Obama’s plan to reform the National Security Agency will “reshape the nation’s counterterrorism strategy.”

Oliphant contends that Obama is reluctant to make fundamental changes and the president’s speech regarding proposed changes “is going to be a piece of kabuki theater:”

“The president is going to have to look like he’s taking meaningful action to curb the NSA’s reach when he really isn’t. To that end, Obama is expected to tweak the bulk data program rather than overhaul it or, as civil libertarians demand, junk it outright.”

“Any reforms Obama ultimately embraces likely will come from the report released last month by a hand-picked review panel, a group that national security expert Jonathan Turley dismisses as ‘intelligence hawks and Obama loyalists.'”

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