Obama’s NSA Reforms: Just Cosmetic?

President Obama plans to unveil his intelligence reform plan on Friday. Early reports indicate that the president will shy away from implementing the more comprehensive policy proposals of his surveillance review group in favor of a watered down reform of the nation’s intelligence framework.

Wall Street Journal: “Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is also attempting to pose as a ‘reformer’ without doing as much damage as the true reformers would prefer. Thus some of his changes are merely cosmetic. Others are more appropriate for peacetime in a fantasy world without terror and other overseas threats.”

Julian Sanchez: “Americans could be forgiven for wondering whether there was any point to appointing a group of experts to conduct such an extensive analysis if the president is going to ignore their advice, except when it matches what he’d already decided to do.”

Peter Baker: Obama, “the onetime constitutional lawyer is now the commander in chief presiding over a surveillance state that some of his own advisers think has once again gotten out of control.”

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