Growing Rift Between Obama and Environmental Groups Over Climate Change

In a letter to President Obama, 18 environmental organizations criticize the administration’s energy policy, “arguing that the White House needs to apply a strict climate test to all of its energy decisions [and must] confront the fossil-fuel industry or risk losing support from a critical part of its political base during an already difficult election year.”

Washington Post: “The criticism came on the same day that the fossil-fuel industry and its congressional allies began separate efforts to challenge the administration’s environmental policies.”

“The new pressure from both sides … could have an impact on critical permitting decisions on issues ranging from the Keystone XL pipeline to natural gas exports and federal coal leases.”

“The groups suggested that Obama should apply a strict climate test ‘to all decisions regarding new fossil fuel development,’  including hydraulic fracturing and coal mining on public lands, as well as drilling in the Arctic Ocean.”

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