Obamacare is Not Doomed

Jonathan Chait, in a final attempt to skewer the nay-sayers, lists the facts pointing to the healthcare law’s continued progress:

  • The enrollment surge from December is continuing.
  • Sarah Kliff reports that once-panicky insurers are now expressing satisfaction with the customers they’re enrolling.
  • A death spiral still will not occur. The Kaiser Family Foundation crunched the numbers and found that even this worst-case scenario would result in a 2.4 percent premium hike.

Chait’s main point about Obamacare critics: “To call their opposition ideologically driven is not to say it is wrong. It is merely to say that they philosophically oppose the goal of national health insurance. They have persuaded themselves the law can’t accomplish its goals, when their real fear is that it will.”

The bottom line: “Obamacare opponents are going to have to let go of their hopes that the law cannot work and face up to their honest belief that they don’t want it to.”

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