Carbon Pollution a By-Product of Keystone XL Pipeline Project

A new report from the National Resources Defense Council indicates that an increase in tar sands-derived gasoline could undermine efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

EcoNews: “The NRDC report … found that under current plans, tar sands-derived gasoline supplies in 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states (plus the District of Columbia) will soar from less than one percent in 2012 to 11.5 percent of the total by 2020, due to increased imports from Canadian refineries, fresh supplies of refined tar sands products from the Gulf Coast and production from East Coast refineries that would obtain tar sands crude via rail and barge.”

“If the controversial Keystone XL pipeline for tar sands oil from Canada to the U.S. is approved by President Obama, the region’s share of gas from tar-sands crude could rise even further, according to the report.”

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