• dudleysharp

    86% Death Penalty Support: Highest Ever – April 2013
    World Support Remains High
    95% of Murder Victim’s Family Members Support Death Penalty

    • Ygorbla

      One cherry-picked poll from an obscure pollster doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of polls show, reliably, that the world is coming to increasingly see state-imposed executions for the barbaric and immoral things they are.

      You might have the blind trust in your government necessary to allow them to execute people based on their laws; but, increasingly, the rest of the world does not agree.

      • dudleysharp

        Angus Reid was the #1 most accurate pollster in the last US presidential election.

        Gallup was #26

        It appears that the majority populations of all countries support the death penalty for some crimes.

        US: a 99.6% accuracy rate in actually guilty findings in death penalty cases, with the 0.4% actually innocent being release.

        Maybe the most accurate sanction.

  • Will Bishop

    Of the three states with a “governor-imposed moratorium”, why are Washington and Oregon on the “states without death penalty” map while Colorado is on the other one?

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