Have Republicans Won the Budget Wars?

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Washington Post: “As the chart shows, the recent reduction of the deficit has come primarily due to spending cuts instead of revenue increases. Spending has shrunk 4.1 percentage points from 2009 to today, while revenue has grown only 2.2 percentage points in the same period. To put it another way, there have been nearly $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases. On the surface, it would appear that Republicans won the budget wars.”


  1. I guess that is true if you accept the premise that Democrats always only want more taxing and spending, which I am not sure is the case. They want to protect the most vulnerable in our society from having cuts done disproportionately on their backs. The GOP, on the other hand is all in favor of tax cuts for the rich, more defense spending and gutting the social safety net.

  2. You’re misinterpreting the data. The fall off in revenue was due to declining tax receipts caused by lower individual and business income during the recession. The increase in spending was due to hard wired spending (such as unemployment compensation) plus a stimulus package, both of which have declined since the end of the recession. You have to normalize the taxing and spending data to take those factors into account before you can determine how Obama era policies have affected the budget.

  3. Horse feathers. He DID want budget cuts and they did NOT want revenue increases… ANY revenue increases. In fact, Paul Ryan didn’t even want to cut the deficit. His budget slashed domestic spending and included yet another tax cut for the rich. It increased the deficit. That Obama got revenue increases at all is a loss for the Republicans.

  4. If Republicans had won the budget wars the deficit would be ballooning just like it did under Reagen and Bush.

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