A Visual Summary of the IPCC Climate Report

The latest climate report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change includes a number of helpful charts.

CarbonBrief: “The IPCC estimates climate change will have some significant impacts. This map illustrates where it expects them to hit.”

“Each symbol on the map represents a different impact. If the symbols are filled in, it means climate change is thought to have a major contribution to the problem.”

“If they’re empty, it means climate change is thought to make a minor contribution. The small dashes indicate the level of confidence the IPCC has about the findings (with five dashes meaning confidence is “very high”, and one dash meaning it’s “very low”).”

“As the map shows, the IPCC expects climate change to have a major impact on glaciers, snow and ice in all regions (excluding small islands), … [and] a major effect on rivers, lakes, floods, and drought in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Arctic.”

IPCC AR5 WG2 impacts map

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