Where’s the Deficit-Reduction in Paul Ryan’s Plan?

Brendan Greeley questions Rep. Paul Ryan’s deficit reduction plan, embodied in Ryan’s lengthy annual report entitled, Path to Prosperity.

“This year’s Path is denser and full of details, although not ones that matter. As in the past, it contains none of the line-item cuts, program by program, that would make his ardently wished probity a reality.”

“This year, Ryan’s Path includes with each section an ‘illustrative policy option,’ one example of a potential cut … But in the section titled ‘Pro-growth tax reform,’ Path declines to provide even an illustrative policy option. ‘This resolution calls on comprehensive tax reform and lays out some principles,’ it concludes, ‘but it does not embrace any particular plan.’”

“This is funny. Last year’s plan, too, declined to lay out any specific tax breaks it would cut.”

“Next year … Paul Ryan will write his sixth budget proposal. Will this be the one in which he finally tells us exactly what he’s going to cut? Or will that have to wait until we finally just give in and make him president?”