• dogpal

    Maryland is on the LEAST trustworthy list! Does Gov. Martin O’Malley know about this? Why he has designs on the White House!

  • mstep

    For fairness, DC should have been included. It might rank just above IL.

  • Skocpol

    Trust is NOT EQUAL to trustworthy.

    • pisher

      Nope–you might as well say the most trustworthy religions are all cuts like Scientology and the Unification Church.

  • lyris

    Ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially in Texas and Alaska and the midwestern states.

  • Paul Hamilton

    Are you freaking kidding?? Pence and Daniels before him have lied to the people of Indiana constantly. They’ve cut benefits, closed schools, given funds to corporations to create jobs which never happened, handed over public assets (such as highways) to private concerns, shaped legislation to increase the number of prisoners to appease private prison interests, etc, etc, etc. Government in Indiana is like something out of the middle ages.

  • Schroeder2099

    This post’s title needs to be reworked. What’s being measured is perception of trustworthiness, not trustworthiness itself. I’ve lived in Texas over 50 years. It’s been clear for a long time that the majority of voters are blissfully aware of or unconcerned about the massively corrupt crony capitalism that’s been practiced by Rick Perry. This is even more remarkable because he has been open about what he is up to, & coverage within the state of what he’s done has been pretty good. Anyway, the “Highest Trust” list suggests that my suspicions about Texas might be true of other red states, i.e., the citizens don’t know or don’t care about how corrupt their state governments are, not that the governments are in fact trustworthy. Blue staters know they’re getting rooked. (Louisiana has always been in a class by itself.)

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