Struggling to Stay Middle Class

Jonathan Capehart comments on a recent report from Third Way that shows how a middle-class job can no longer support a middle-class life.

(Third Way)

“The four tickets to a middle-class life are owning a home, sending a kid to college, having health insurance and saving for retirement. As the chart shows, the costs of three of the tickets outstrip inflation, which also is more than income. And income has risen nowhere near fast enough to pay for them or save for retirement.”

“’Opportunity for all’ takes on a whole new meaning when you know that a middle-class job no longer supports a middle-class life. Raising the minimum wage would help. But so, too, would a functioning Congress that eschewed its incessant and foolhardy attempts to repeal Obamacare for real action on bringing down all the costs of admission to the middle class. That’s too much to ask, I suppose.”

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