Extending Unemployment Benefits: A Logistical Nightmare

Ylan Mui: “State officials are warning that the bipartisan bill to reinstate federal benefits for the long-term unemployed that passed the Senate on Monday could be a logistical nightmare to implement and could expose the government to extensive fraud.”

“The move is being heralded as Washington’s last-ditch effort to stimulate the economy by helping the long-term unemployed. But the state agencies responsible for administering the benefits say actually helping that population could prove to be logistically difficult.”


“A few states have even warned that implementation could be so unwieldy that they may opt out of Labor Department program that provides the benefit to workers.”

“The bill faces an uncertain future in the Republican-led House. But even if it does pass — and even if states figure out how to implement the measure — the effort to renew the federal benefits comes too late for many workers. After the payments ended in December, some workers opted to file for early Social Security benefits. Others may have enrolled in school or simply stopped looking for a job, disqualifying them for retroactive payments.”


  1. Today’s Unemployed Americans did not create this logistical nightmare. Our politicians did. It’s up to them to fix it. No Vacations – No recesses. Unemployment Insurance has been around since the 50’s. What is insurance? It means coverage by contract in which one party “The Federal Government” agrees to indemnify or reimburse another “Unemployed Americans” for any loss that occurs under the terms of the contract. When you purchase auto insurance and pay on the policy for ten or so years and you have a unexpected accident, Will your insurance company say ? Hey freeloader pay to have your own car fixed or hold on we have to revamp our coverage procedures and it’s going to take awhile be awhile because we’re going on vacation. Our congressmen need to get with the program.

  2. I do not know about other states, but Pennsylvania has entered the computer age. They have all the information they need to disburse the EUC. I think they would be willing to share this information with other states that are still using the abacus.

    It is too bad that the government might be exposed to a higher risk of fraud. If the house and senate had done their jobs there wouldn’t have been this risk. Beside that, there was a lapse of over a month in the past and the states managed to figure it out. Maybe these people need a different job if they can’t handle their present job.

    This “logistical nightmare” did not happen during the Bush administration, because the EUC was not allowed to lapse. Way to punish the people for electing a black president. You in the republican part have done everything in your power to obstruct the current president, that is obvious.

    The republican issue with funding is stupid. Boehner has tried to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, 40 times, all unsuccessfully. This has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in time spent on a useless venture. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

    The aid package for the Ukraine has already passed, while EIC still waits. The republican party is more concerned with; reducing corporate taxes, corporate welfare, giving other countries money, all the while ignoring their own people.

    I can’t wait until November! Vote a straight Democratic ticket everyone. These bastards have to go.

  3. The worse cheaters currently in our country, are the politicians who have cheated the more than two million unemployed workers out of their extended unemployment benefits since last December. These politicians such as John Boehner, not only have cheated these poor unemployed families of their benefits, but have ruined their credit and financial lives in the process. These people have worked all of their lives, believing that the taxes being taken out of their weekly paychecks, may one day benefit them should they become unfortunately unemployed due to lay offs and downsizing. However after their 26 weeks were finished, they were left hung out to dry by the republican senators. Although billions of tax payer’s dollars recently was approved for the Ukraine, these families have received nothing but delay after delay, and promises after promises. Many of these families have lost their homes, have been evicted from their apartments, have become bankrupt, and homeless, While the politicians continue to play their “party politics” and using these families as bargaining chips and political leverage. It’s sad that the victims of the recession, which largely was the fault of the greedy banking and airline industries, amongst other large corporations, are made to feel that they’re asking for something that they really don’t deserve, such as financial help to support their families until they can find proper work again. Why does it seem that the government can always find the money to bailout companies, and for foreign aid, and personal raises, but not to help the most needy Americans in our country? We’re now going into 5 months of waiting and hoping for help to arrive in the form of an extension bill passing in the senate, and the Republicans are still not wanting to help these families. They have become so out of touch with the reality of the 99 percent of us in this country, that they have no clue of the amount of pain and damage that’s been caused with each passing day, week, and month that the extension isn’t passed for these families. My only solace is that in the next election in 2016, these millions of broken and hurt Americans will use their voting rights to vote all of these career politicians out from office for good. We need to bring back “public servants, not “public masters”.

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