Obamacare Enrollment Numbers: ‘Good News — Very, Very Good News’

Jonathan Cohn declares the latest Obamacare enrollment numbers to be “good news—very, very good news.”

“While not everybody who signs up for a plan pays the premiums, anecdotal reports suggest that 80 to 85 percent have so far. At worst, then, enrollment would be around 6.4 million.”

Enrollment surge

Moving on to the age mix, Cohn notes that “the overall age mix for the Affordable Care Act is virtually the same as the age mix was in Massachusetts. More important, it vindicates the predictions of experts like Gruber who said, all along, that young people would be among the last to sign up.”

Obamacare enrollment

Cohn acknowledges there are still areas of uncertainty including “the state-by-state breakdown [which] matters a lot more than the national one.”

“The outlook on premiums is also uncertain. Underlying medical costs appear to be rising … But some industry officials and consultants have indicated that the increases are more likely to be modest—and that the markets, as a whole, appear stable.”

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