A Local Approach to Climate Change Mitigation

Major Garrett argues that the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally,” has “practical meaning,” particularly when conducting a careful analysis of the National Climate Assessment and “its emphasis on what local and state governments can do to adapt to climate change.”

” … it is worth noting that this report—the most comprehensive of its kind—places no stress on new policy recommendations or laws. It does suggest cities and states get ahead of the game by judging the risks of climate change and acting accordingly.”

“President Obama has not touched climate-change legislation since the Senate refused to consider a House-passed bill in 2010 that increased carbon taxes. And Obama’s not going to push for any new legislation to raise carbon taxes now.”

“As states and cities become more nimble and responsive laboratories of democracy, regulation, and taxation, perhaps the time has come for the climate-change debate to become much smaller, more local, and less attuned to grandiose aims.”

Climate Central’s map of state climate adaptation plans shows that some states are already planning for climate change.

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