Huntsman Calls on GOP to Face Facts About Climate Change

Jon Huntsman, writing in the New York Times, calls on fellow Republicans to take action on climate change.

Citing a recent Pew survey showing a drop (from 59% in 2009 to 50% in 2013) among Republicans who believe that there is solid evidence of rising temperatures on earth, Huntsman expresses concern with the “shift among Republicans on climate change.”

“What’s been lost is any Republican creative thinking on the issue.”

“So obtuse has become the party’s dialogue on climate change that it’s now been reduced to believing or not believing, as if it were a religious mantra.”

“This approach reached a new low last month during a North Carolina congressional debate at which all the Republican candidates chuckled at a question on climate change — as if they had been asked about their belief in the Tooth Fairy.”

“We need to plan for the impacts of climate change at all levels of government. We need to empower Republicans leading those efforts to make decisions and investments that benefit their constituents, the party and the planet. Denying the science will only hinder their chance for success.”

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