U.S. Job Creation is on the Rise

Gallup: “Gallup’s U.S. Job Creation Index continued to climb to +25 in April from +23 in March [and] is one point shy of the all-time high found in January 2008, the first month Gallup began tracking hiring daily. The index is based on employee reports of hiring and layoffs at their workplaces.”

Implications: “The recent rise in employee reports of hiring is a positive sign that the economic slowdown may be ending. More companies may be doing better than in recent years and thus are looking to increase the size of their workforces … Roughly the same percentage of employers are hiring new workers and increasing their staff now as they were in early 2008 before the recession took hold and before the stock market crash later that year.”


job creation index among all u.s. workers -- january 2008-april 2014

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