A GOP Climate Change Dilemma in Florida

New York Times: The National Climate Assessment report “named Miami as one of the cities most vulnerable to severe damage as a result of rising sea levels.”

“The national climate report found that although rapidly melting Arctic ice is threatening the entire American coastline, Miami is exceptionally vulnerable because of its unique geology. The city is built on top of porous limestone, which is already allowing the rising seas to soak into the city’s foundation, bubble up through pipes and drains, encroach on fresh water supplies and saturate infrastructure. County governments estimate that the damages could rise to billions or even trillions of dollars.”

Senator Marco Rubio, former Gov. Jeb Bush and the current governor, Rick Scott have “declined repeated requests to be interviewed on the subject … Political analysts say the reluctance of the three men to speak publicly on the issue reflects an increasingly difficult political reality for Republicans grappling with the issue of climate change … In acknowledging the problem, politicians must endorse a solution, but the only major policy solutions to climate change — taxing or regulating the oil, gas and coal industries — are anathema to the base of the Republican Party. Thus, many Republicans, especially in Florida, appear to be dealing with the issue by keeping silent.”

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