Huge Partisan Divide on Climate Change

David Leonhardt: ” … American exceptionalism on the climate stems almost entirely from Republicans. Democrats and independents don’t look so different from people in Japan, Australia, Canada and across Europe.”

“The Republican skepticism about climate change extends across the party, though it’s strongest among those who consider themselves part of the Tea Party. Ten percent of those aligned with the Tea Party called climate change a major threat, compared with 35 percent of Republicans who did not identify with the Tea Party.”

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  • Rhodent

    It would be nice to see a partisan breakdown for other countries. Is it the case that the mainstream party of the left is significantly more accepting of the truth of climate change than the mainstream party of the right in all countries but everything is shifted to lower acceptance in the U.S., or is it that in most countries the mainstream party of the right is just as accepting of the truth of climate change as the mainstream party of the right?

    • “or is it that in most countries the (mainstream party of the right) is
      just as accepting of the truth of climate change as (itself)?”

      I would have to say at least this last one, via the reflexive property. A thing is its own thing. But that’s probably a typo, so what did you mean to say?

      • Rhodent

        I typed essentially the same comment twice (here and on PW) and apparently made the same mistake both times. The last word in my previous post should be “left”. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Shma

      I can tell you that in Canada, the denialism is coming almost exclusively from the political right. It’s easy to see this from the regional breakdown in polling. The conservative stronghold of Alberta and the other prairie provinces are least likely to believe in anthropogenic global warming, while the provinces which identify more as liberal, like Quebec, BC and the Atlantic provinces, are most likely to accept AGW as reality.

    • Helen Bedd

      From the numbers I’ve seen, in most other countries there is still a wide ideological divide but both conservatives and liberals believe that climate change is happening at higher rates than their American counterparts…

    • StarDagger

      You have to adjust for the huge drift to the Right that america has made. The democrats are the equivalent to Center-Right parties in Europe (and elsewhere) whereas the GOTP in america is the equivalent of the far-right nationalist parties.
      The USA has no elected Left, nor any viable parties on the Left, and will not be a 1st rate country until it finds a way to have these.

      • DownriverDem

        The Koch suckers are spending millions to influence the non curious here. They are brainwashed and propagandized going back to Reagan.

        • StarDagger

          The weak minded have been brainwashed for 10,000 years, since the agricultural revolution allowed for different classes.
          The challenge for the rest of us is to design a society whose very structure disallows them to harm society.
          The unfolding of different forms of government has not ended, even Europe is just at the very beginning of designing decent government. And they have the most advanced forms. The USA is not interested in good governance yet, when it is, I think it will be a beautiful thing.

  • Delphine

    The piece in the NYT about what’s happening in Miami, right now, scared the bejesus out of me.

    • Yeah, but, good thing the NYT is a liberal rag and global warming is fake. But Hussain Obama Bin Laden’s Kenyan birth, now that’s a thing! Diploma, please!

      • kwidge

        Hey, you just came up with Fox News’ new slogan!

  • Bill Hussein O’Stalin

    You can’t deny what isn’t real.

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