What Problems with the Obamacare Surge?

USA Today: Despite “dire predictions, the nation’s primary care system is handling the increased number of insured patients without major problems so far, according to interviews with community health centers, large physician practices and insurers nationwide.”

” … there are few reports of patients facing major delays getting care, say officials from more than two-dozen health centers and multigroup practices, as well as insurers and physician groups in nine big states.”

“Some exceptions have surfaced, particularly in parts of Colorado, Kentucky and Washington state, which had some of the biggest gains in coverage.”

“But most of the health centers and large physician groups contacted said they were prepared for new patients because they had added space and providers.”

A major reason for the “muted demand” is that “more than 5 million people projected to gain coverage remain uninsured because only half the states expanded Medicaid.”

Also: “about 4% of the U.S. population gained insurance this year but many of them are young and ‘relatively low users of health care.'”

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