Derailed by Keystone XL, Energy-Efficiency Bill Collapses

Bloomberg: “A bipartisan energy-efficiency bill collapsed in the U.S. Senate after a feud over election-year amendments related to President Barack Obama’s energy policies, casting doubt on a separate measure to approve Keystone XL.”

“The Senate voted 55-36 to advance the measure written by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Rob Portman, five short of the 60 needed. The vote also dashes plans for legislation approving the Keystone oil pipeline that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had said would be considered if the efficiency measure was considered without changes.”

Reid: “They have held this bill hostage, as demand after demand has been met.”

“Reid, who opposes it, hasn’t said whether he will schedule a Keystone vote later, although he is being pressed by 11 Senate Democrats who back legislation to approve the project.”

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