Reactions to Rubio’s Comments on Global Warming: ‘The Fail Here is Huge’

Juliet Lapidos: “There’s something almost cute about [Rubio’s comments] — a hedge he can bring out in a general election if he’s accused of willful stupidity. I’m not a climate-change denier, he might say, I just don’t think scientists are giving us an accurate picture.”

“Does Mr. Rubio think scientists are lying? Or that they don’t know what they’re talking about? Either way, what leads him to believe that the ‘portrait’ of climate change offered by scientists is inaccurate?”

“He believes that climate scientists have made a schoolboy error, and that he—Marco ‘not a scientist, man’ Rubio — knows better.”

Alec MacGillis: “It would be one thing if Rubio was trying to downplay man-made climate change if he was the senator from a state that is greatly dependent on drawing fossil fuels out of the earth and pumping carbon dioxide into the atmospheresay, Oklahoma or West Virginia or North Dakota. But Rubio represents Florida, and is in fact from Miami. Whichhow to say this nicely?is in the process of drowning.”

Jonathan Chait: “It is possible that Rubio is referring to a notion, popular among climate-science skeptics, that global temperatures have risen and fallen over hundreds of thousands of years. But that can’t be the basis for his confident dismissal of climate science, since, as noted before, Rubio thinks it’s entirely possible the Earth is only six thousand years old.”

John Abraham of the Guardian: “The fail here is huge.”

“I have said this before but it is worth repeating. How we handle climate change should not be a political issue.”

“When we look back on this issue, at the legacies that are being created right now, conservatives will regret making climate obstructionism a litmus test for their politicians.”

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