Obamacare Scare Tactics Undermine Enrollment

Commenting on a new McKinsey Obamacare report, Jonathan Cohn concludes:

“Truth is, it’s going to be a while before we have a good sense of just how deeply Obamacare is reducing the ranks of the uninsured.”

“But the McKinsey report had one other finding that … ought to start some discussion right now.”

“About half of the people who McKinsey surveyed did not end up buying insuranceeither because they shopped and found nothing they liked, or because they didn’t shop at all … But two-thirds of these people said they didn’t know they could get financial assistance. In other words, they assumed they would have to pay the sticker price for coverage, even though federal tax credits would have lowered the price by hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.’

“And if the administration deserves some blame for this shortfall, its adversaries deserve more. Republicans and their allies did their best to taint the lawand, where possible, to undermine efforts to promote it. Without such obstruction, even more uninsured people would probably be getting coverage right now.”

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