Is Obama Too Passive Over Veterans Affairs Scandal?

Dana Milbank questions whether President Obama is truly “madder than hell” over the veterans affairs scandal.

“Like VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, Obama wasn’t entirely convinced something bad had happened.”

“But there are no ‘ifs’ about it: … Lawmakers in both parties have spoken of a systemic problem at the agency, and the American Legion, citing ‘poor oversight,’ has called for Shinseki’s resignation.”

Obama’s “response to the scandal has created an inherent contradiction: He can’t be ‘madder than hell’ about something if he won’t acknowledge that the thing actually occurred. This would be a good time for Obama to knock heads and to get in front of the story. But, frustratingly, he’s playing President Passive, insisting on waiting for the VA’s inspector general to complete yet another investigation, this one looking into the Phoenix deaths.”


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