Green Energy Dominating in a Red State

National Journal: “Texas has … become the top spot for states with the most wind power.”

“Green energy has steadily gained traction in the deep-red state. In 2003, wind made up less than 1 percent of the power supply, according to state grid operator the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. By 2013, that share had risen to roughly 10 percent … From 2013 to 2014, ERCOT estimates that wind capacity will increase by 33 percent.”

“What’s causing wind production to soar? In a word: infrastructure.”

“In 2005, the Texas legislature approved a sprawling network of transmission lines … After years of construction, the power lines—known as Competitive Renewable Energy Zones—started shipping electrons across the state in December.”

“Policy has also played a role. The expiration of the renewable production tax credit … prompted a rush to break ground on new wind projects before the credit lapsed at the end of last year.”

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