Obamacare ‘Repeal It!’ Cries Are Now a Whisper

The New York Times Editorial Board argues that campaigning Republicans are now realizing that they may not find victory by shouting “repeal Obamcare!”

“Though the law itself has never been widely popular, most people say they like its component parts, and a large majority now says it wants the law improved rather than repealed.”

“That sentiment conflicts with the Republican playbook, which party leaders are suddenly trying to rewrite. The result has been an incoherent mishmash of positions, as candidates try to straddle a widening gap between blind hatred of health reform and the public’s growing recognition that much of it is working.”

“Many … Republican candidates have also switched from brimstone to mush on the issue, no longer claiming they will repeal the law but instead will ‘replace’ it or ‘fix’ it in some unspecified way that could not possibly work.”

“The good news is that some Democratic candidates … are beginning to campaign on the law’s benefits. Improving access to health care was the right thing for the country, and supporting it may turn out to be good politics, too.”

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