The Endless Quest to Hate Obamacare Finds New Territory

Jonathan Chait: “The endless conservative quest to locate new and ever-more-exotic reasons to hate Obamacare has discovered virgin territory: The health-care law is crushing the economy by brutally suppressing the growth of the health-care sector. This promising new discovery is explicated in today’s Wall Street Journal editorial page, which seizes upon yesterday’s news that the health-care sector unexpectedly shrank to decry ‘ObamaCare’s role in nearly sending the economy back into recession.’ This may be the single most bizarre argument yet produced against the Affordable Care Act.”

“The original estimate of rising health-care spending in the first quarter turns out to have been very, very wrong. The revised data shows that health-care spending actually shrank in the first quarter. In the short run, this is bad news. The economy is still climbing out of a recession, demand is too low, and any spending is good. In the long run, this is extremely good news for the federal budget. It’s the latest piece of evidence that health-care spending is growing at a slower rate than even the most optimistic forecasters predicted four years ago.”

“If you suspect there is literally no imaginable set of facts that would make conservatives admit Obamcare is working as designed, you’re right.”

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