Where’s Karl Rove’s Brilliant Alternative to Obamacare?

Jonathan Chait: “Karl Rove has a column today promising Republicans that they can still win by running against Obamacare.”

“Rove is correct that public disapproval of Obamacare has consistently exceeded approval. The trouble for Republicans is that their party hasn’t managed to keep the debate solely focused on the question of ‘is this law good or bad?’ Repealing Obamacare is less popular than keeping it. And the Democratic position of building on the existing law polls far ahead of the Republian position of scrapping it and starting over.”

“Democrats may have the liability of defending the status quo, but Republicans have the liability of lacking a plausible alternative. Thus, the most recent Pew poll shows that voters trust Democrats over Republicans to handle health care, 45 percent  to 40. This would seem to at least complicate Rove’s giddy advice that Republicans are as strong as ever on the issue.”

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  • woodt

    It’s truly epic that 40 percent of the population trust Republicans to handle or do anything.

    • MarkJ

      I find it truly epic that you drank the Kool-Aid and voted twice for an incompetent, narcissistic, community organizing doofus who hangs out with hipsters and plays golf while the world burns.

      • daddyoyo

        Obama’s the first president to play golf. Wait, let me correct that. He’s the first black president to play golf. Now I see what the problem is.

      • MVH1

        More epic is your sad lack of facts.

        • Art Bagnall

          Racist pig.

      • Dave

        Incompetent? You’d rather have Bush? Who failed to find Osama bin Laden, who wasted trillions in Iraq, and who trashed the economy? That Bush? I don’t believe he’s available — he’s too busy fingerpainting in Texas.

        • DoctorJNB

          Bush did all the tracking and intel work leading up to bin Laden’s discovery and assassination, so of course Obama takes all the glory. Bush’s trillions in Iraq were working well until Obama pulled out US troops and advisors, now look at the mess! The economy is in far, far worse condition now than under Bush – more Americans are out of work and have stopped looking for work than ever before. And at least fingerpainting produces something productive, until BHO’s golf escapades and monthly vacations…

          • Dave

            Bush did all the tracking and intel work leading up to bin Laden’s discovery and assassination, so of course Obama takes all the glory.

            A flat-out lie.

            Michael Hayden, Bush’s last CIA director, was directly quoted in Time magazine about how, until Obama came to office, the bin Laden trail had gone cold in Tora Bora in 2001.

            “We had no idea where he was,” Hayden said. “Contrary to popular myth, torture and waterboarding didn’t give us any valuable intelligence.”

            That quote can be found in the May 7, 2012, issue of Time magazine.

  • jf

    Why don’t discussions like this include the 15-20% of people who disapprove of the ACA do so because it doesn’t go far enough? These liberals always get lumped in with the Tea Party opposition. True opposition based on a belief that the ACA is a government take-over of a private health care system is something less than 40%.

    • odys

      And why not? Liberals always do the same with Congressional approval ratings. They always rationalize that although Obama only has 39% approval congress has 13%, then they intimate that everyone hates the Republicans in congress and that is why approval is so low.

  • I think his alternative is Benghazi.

  • DoctorJNB

    Republicans have offered dozens of alternatives to ACA, but they were shouted down in the House and Senate when these were presented. Go back and do your homework, Goddard!

    And for “Work to Improve ACA”, read “Gut and Basically Start From Scratch”…

  • odys

    You would think that a person who writes for a journal could do research and find all the proposals offered by the Republicans. If I were this man’s employer I would fire him for being stupid or lazy.

    I guess he thinks that it is Karl Rove’s job. So now liberal journalists not only think that someone else should work so the lazy don’t have to, they now are asking that someone else do the research they should be doing. Next thing you know this guy is going to demand that Karl Rove come to his house and take dictation.

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