Where’s Karl Rove’s Brilliant Alternative to Obamacare?

Jonathan Chait: “Karl Rove has a column today promising Republicans that they can still win by running against Obamacare.”

“Rove is correct that public disapproval of Obamacare has consistently exceeded approval. The trouble for Republicans is that their party hasn’t managed to keep the debate solely focused on the question of ‘is this law good or bad?’ Repealing Obamacare is less popular than keeping it. And the Democratic position of building on the existing law polls far ahead of the Republian position of scrapping it and starting over.”

“Democrats may have the liability of defending the status quo, but Republicans have the liability of lacking a plausible alternative. Thus, the most recent Pew poll shows that voters trust Democrats over Republicans to handle health care, 45 percent  to 40. This would seem to at least complicate Rove’s giddy advice that Republicans are as strong as ever on the issue.”

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