Latest Obamacare Attack is Met With ‘Bug-Eyed Disbelief’

Commenting on the fracas over the Halbig v. Burwell lawsuit, Jonathan Chait writes that conservatives are “fantastically wrong” to assert that “Obamacare was designed to deny tax credits on the federal health exchange.”

“Lots and lots of people followed the Affordable Care Act really closely. If the federal exchanges were intended not as a backup but as a punishment, denying their customers tax credits, it would have been a huge deal. People would have known about it. The Obama administration would have publicized the threat. This enormously consequential policy decision would be the subject of thousands of news stories and public comments. The news would not be confined to one economist [(Jonathan Gruber)] speaking about it a couple of years later.”

“It is hard to summarize the liberal response to the right’s bizarre new revisionism except as the kind of stammering, bug-eyed disbelief that occurs when somebody is forced to defend a factual proposition that everybody knows is true.”

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