• David Bluefeather

    How far has NRO fallen? They now quickly delete any comments on their site that in any way disagrees with their narrative. WFB must be rolling in his grave.

  • embo66

    “So the right tries to insist both that public figures like Mr. Tyson are poseurs and that there is some kind of conspiracy causing scientists in general to have similar views.”

    As with virtually everything Republican these days, their efforts to discredit Neil deGrasse Tyson and defuse the scientific position on issues is itself a walking contradiction. NdT is a “fake” scientist, but even the real scientists who agree with him are under some kind of possessed spell wrought by Lefties and Socialists.

    I mean, really: If it weren’t so damnable, it would be funny. Do these people never tire of such Sisyphean efforts? And do they ever really look in a mirror?

    • Eli Odell Jackson

      ‘Scientific positions’
      Are scientists immune to politics and their own urbanite, post-modernist, atheistic, liberal opinions?
      Why should scientists dictate public policy anyway?

  • According to Tucker Carlson (in 2012) this is proof that all colleges exist for the purpose of liberal brainwashing.

  • bpai99

    Conservatives have 2 beliefs when it comes to science:

    1. Scientific conclusions are a matter of opinion
    2. The opinions of the ignorant and uninformed are every bit as valid as those of scientific experts in the field

    • Steve

      This from a brain dead liberal. Conservatives believe strongly in science. I just don’t believe in manipulated data posing as science. If you don’t reveal your raw data so other scientists can replicate your experiment, then you are not a real scientist.

      The left has lost all credibility when it comes to science when they decided to turn climate science into a pseudo religion and disregard all facts and engage in data manipulation to keep the government funds flowing into their coffers.

      • ThisNameInUse

        Unfortunately for your defensive rant here, there is not a shred of evidence that any climate scientist has EVER “manipulated data”. You have no idea what a strong charge you are making, and what a huge deal it would be if a scientist did that.

        This BS you children have been harping on since your manufactured “climategate scandal” that was launched on the eve of the Copenhagen climate talks in an effort to derail them is just tired. If eight independent investigations by esteemed bodies around the world – all finding absolutely zero wrongdoing by any of the scientists – is not enough to bring you out of Black Helicopter land, then nothing will.

  • ThisNameInUse

    These days, the attitude of Republicans toward science is basically that of an 8-year-old child toward his parents. He likes them just fine when they bring him presents (like new technology and medical cures), but when they tell him he needs to eat his vegetables or clean up his room (i.e., the need to rein in greenhouse gases that are causing the planet to dangerously warm), he pitches a fit, stomps out of the room and sulks, and Mom and Dad become like the worstest meanies ever and he has nothing good to say about them.

    Sadly, this pretty much sums them up.

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