Bipartisan Agreement on Who’s to Blame for Economic Problems

On at least one topic, there is partisan unanimity: Republicans and Democrats blame Congress for the economy’s ills.

According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC survey, “76% of Republicans and 73% of Democrats blame the inability of elected officials in Washington. Interestingly, while still a majority, ‘just’ 61% of Independents do so.  Of course, that lower number may be a sign that Independents have given up on the concept of D.C. helping to improve the economy.”

“There is no gender or income gap on this issue, but there is a modest generation gap, as seniors in particular are fed up with the inability of elected officials in Washington to get things done to help the economy.”

This lack of faith in Washington’s ability to solve economic challenges may help explain why President Barack Obama, and others, are not getting any credit for the lower unemployment rate.  Even if the economy is seen as improving  (which it is by 50% of the voters surveyed), it is not helping the president politically.

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  • Carroll Barber

    WHY? Are these people still alive? 🙂

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