Jindal Claims Ignorance of Science

Rebecca Leber of the New Republic comments on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent response to reporters’ questions about how he views the theory of evolution. ‘The reality is I’m not an evolutionary biologist,’ Jindal said.”

Jindal joins the ranks of Republicans who claim ignorance of any issues remotely related to science.

Leber: “Marco Rubio, John Boehner, and Rick Scott, have all used versions of [‘I’m not a scientist’] to dismiss climate change science or promote creationism.”

President Obama’s response:  ‘I’m not a doctor either, but if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco can cause lung cancer then I”ll say, ‘OK! It’s not that hard. I’m not a scientist, but I read the science.'”

Leber concludes: “No one would mistake these Republicans for scientific experts. But as policymakers they have a responsibility to understand what the actual scientists tell us.”

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