Which Carbon-Mitigation Policies Work?

The Economist “has made a stab at a global comparison of carbon-mitigation efforts. Chart 1 is the result. It ranks 20 policies and courses of action according to how much they have done to reduce the atmosphere’s stock of greenhouse gases. We have used figures from governments, the EU and UN agencies.”

“A health warning: the policies and actions on our list are not strictly comparable. Some are global, some regional and some national. Some are long-standing; some new. A couple are not policies at all, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, which led to the closure of polluting factories and to inefficient state farms reverting to grassland, locking up carbon.”

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    To answer the question: None of the carbon mitigation policies work. It is all a dreadful political waste of money we can ill afford. But to those who are true believers it is a religion, so they are undeterred by scientific facts which don’t fit their dogma and thus are most unlikely to change.

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