Imagining Obamacare as Romneycare

Ezra Klein shows how, despite an abundance of facts to the contrary, in the conservative media, Obamacare is still considered a disaster.

“This is the problem in the debate about Obamacare. The two sides live in different informational universes.”

“My hunch is that relatively few conservatives realize that premiums are lower-than-expected, and that the law’s costs are lower-than-expected ($104 billion lower, as of April 2014). (Of course, information loops can go the other way, too: a lot of liberals probably don’t know that of the much-discussed 8 million enrollees in Obamacare’s insurance exchanges, new data suggests only about 7.3 million stuck around as paying members.)”

“If Obamacare were Romneycare does anyone doubt Paul Ryan — and Republicans more broadly — would be celebrating?”

“Obamacare isn’t by any means a perfect law and not everything in it is going right. The law powers a different insurance market in every state (plus the District of Columbia), so it is perfectly possible for Obamacare to be a success in California even as there are troubles in Minnesota. And there continue to be operational issues: there have been troubling revelations about web site security, and problems verifying the incomes of some enrollees.”

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