Obamacare’s First Anniversary Report Card: The Facts

Jonathan Cohn writes a lengthy piece assessing Obamacare’s “health” after one year. Cohn concludes that a careful review of the data show that, despite “real flaws and shortcomings … the available evidence suggests that the Affordable Care Act is working pretty much as its designers envisioned it would.”

“Critics can legitimately take issue with the law’s goals and principles. That’s a matter of philosophical preference, after all. Performance is another matter.”

Cohn: “Overall health care costs are rising at historically low rates.”

Cohn lists other facts that point to Obamacare’s overall success:

  1. More people have health insurance.
  2. People who are getting health insurance are almost certainly better off.
  3. “Winners” probably outnumbered “losers” in the new marketplaces.
  4. Premiums in the marketplaces aren’t rising quickly, and more insurers are jumping in to compete.
  5. Employer premiums also aren’t rising quickly.
  6. The net effect on the budget has been to reduce the deficit.
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  • ralph_indianapolis

    I assume that if the GOP wins the Senate they will say that it means a massive rejection of Obamacare.

  • View From The Left

    Four hours since the article was posted and STILL not a single conservative post on here. Hmmmmm? I guess cowards don’t like to admit when they were wrong and would rather avoid the topic entirely.

    • Joe Blowe

      They’re too busy obsessing over the Latte Salute, debunked Benghazi talking points, IRS hard drives, and why Pres. Obama didn’t attack ISIS when Sen. McCain told him to.

      • Flashbackjack

        I bet you do Joe.

    • Flashbackjack

      Most conservatives do not read this bull sh#t.

      I just tripped over it and now I feel dirty.

      • woodt

        Facts can do that to conservatives.

        • sunlight as disinfectant

          • Wynstone

            “Obamacare” used to make the network evening news regularly when partisan bickering was the focus. Now the news it is working is completely ignored. It’s as if forces behind the media just want to publicize news that keeps us at each other’s throats.

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