Kentuckians Love Kynect But Hate Obamacare

Al Jazeera: “Obamacare is a lightning rod in Kentucky, even though the state had one of the most successful rollouts in the nation. Kentucky is the only Southern state to have both set up its own exchange and expand Medicaid. Nearly a year later, more than half a million residents have gotten coverage — making Kentucky a state with one of the largest drops in the number of uninsured, second only to Arkansas.”

“An NBC/Marist poll conducted in May found 57 percent of Kentuckians surveyed said they disliked Obamacare. But when asked about Kynect, only 22 percent disapproved.”

“‘Obamacare has been demonized by its opponents,’ said Al Cross, a journalism professor at the University of Kentucky. ‘And it’s easy to demonize because the first three syllables of the word are a word that most Kentuckians don’t like.’”

“It doesn’t help that in the battle for U.S. Senate, neither major candidate is taking time to explain the health care law. Incumbent Mitch McConnell blasts Obamacare and has promised to repeal it, ‘root and branch.’ But he claims Kentuckians will be able to keep Kynect, a complication he hasn’t been able to explain.”

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  • Mark_in_VA

    Abysmal ignorance and a deluge of misinformation will be the undoing of this nation.

  • RadicalCentrist

    I bet there are retirees who hate Social Security, but love getting their monthly check.

  • UnionLeague

    Keep your government hands off my Medicare. (LOL!)

  • Tamburello1994

    Not everyone is that ignorant this long. This is willful intellectual dishonesty at its finest. Just a convenient way to avoid giving credit to Obama.

  • Douglass Parker

    It’s hard to fight stupid.

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